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About me

Code & Design is what I want to do. After studying communication design and a little bit of business mathematics I shifted my interest towards programming and code.

Over the last few years, I tried to refine my skills and find my focus. In the last two years, I found myself doing more and more digtial projects, leaving the analog "world" behind. Still my skills are a mixed bag of different disciplines.

  1. From print design, I learned a lot about type, layout, and what it means for a design to be "final".
  2. Code — I am learning frontend programming and trying to at least understand what backend means.
  3. E-commerce is simply fun, you get direct feedback for the designed and delivered store.
  4. Learning — Never stop exploring!

My work

An excerpt of my work. I have designed various things. While I did a lot of graphic design in the beginning, my focus has now shifted to programming.

  • Gaming Design: In the years between 2017-2019 I started to focus on esports design.
  • For various clients I created Shopify Shops. With and without custom code.
  • I designed logos for different companies and start-up's.
  • For different Amazon Clients, I created brandstores, product pictures and A+ pages.

To see more of my visual work, visit my website in German:


Why I favour Shopify and what I already did with the SaaS.

For me Shopify is a great piece of software. With its numerous third party apps, you can make possible almost any usecase. Also no other shop system offers so many great themes to give the shop a certain look and feel. And with the further development of Shopify headless, you do not even have to use a traditional Shopify theme anymore if you do not want to.

Shopify's liquid templating language allows you to change things in the code without beeing a programmer. Liquid is easy to learn, yet very powerful. The schema you use to build the theme's configurable backend is great because as you customize the theme according to the wishes of the customer you can also ensure, that the customer later can configure and adapt the theme you built, by himself.

Next steps? Learning Hydrogen and headless.

Let's talk

Feel free do contact me via email, phone or one of my social accounts.

+49 7528 7864

Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm